Introduction to Jiangsu Province Geriatric Hospital (also Geriatric Hospital of Nanjing Medical University or Jiangsu Province Official Hospital)

Jiangsu Province Geriatric Hospital is located on the famous Yihe Road mansion area in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the six dynasties. It is adjacent to the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

The hospital was founded in 1952 and Jiangsu Province Geriatric Institute was established in 1991. In 1992, it was approved and officially named as Jiangsu Province Geriatric Hospital. In 2013, Branch of Jiangsu Province Geriatric Hospital was established. And Nanjing Jiangning Muchunyuan Nursing Home was put into operation in 2015. It cooperated with Nanjing Lake Crouching Dragon Real Estate Co., Ltd to erect a branch in Lishui in 2016. It became Geriatric Hospital of Nanjing Medical University in 2018.

It is a comprehensive tertiary hospital specialty of elders, combining clinic, education, research, rehabilitation, cadre health care and integration of medical and nursing care. It is also the geriatrics training base of Chinese Geriatrics Society. It undertakes the medical services of provincial and municipal leaders of Communist Party of China and government, civil servants and community residents. It is the main cadre health base in Jiangsu Province and the appointed hospital of medical insurance.

The hospital adheres to a development path which is based on medical treatment, focusing on cadre health care and characteristic of Geriatrics, shaping the development pattern of “one body with two wings” (the headquarter + branch and nursing home; disease diagnosis and treatment + chronic disease and health management, rehabilitation and long-term care).

There are 500 beds (including 302 open beds in the headquarter), 48 clinical and medical technology departments, 14 geriatrics medicine research departments and such wards as general surgery, orthopedics, minimally invasive surgery, urology surgery, cardiovasology, respiratory medicine, neurology, gastroenterology, hematology and oncology, endocrinology, nephrology, rehabilitation medicine, geriatrics medicine, cadre health care, ICU and etc. Geriatrics medicine department is provincial key specialized clinic. Hematology and oncology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, geriatrics medicine, respiratory medicine and cardiovasology are Nanjing key specialized clinic.

The number of outpatient and emergency treatment service was 1.199 million and the total number of physical examinations was 34,100 in 2018. Now, the hospital has 696 employees, including 599 medical personnels. Among these employees, 190 have senior title, 149 middle title, 13 doctor degree and 169 master degree. The number of person-time of appointment in various societies was 203, including 12 in the Geriatrics branch. One person has been awarded the title of provincial expert with remarkable contribution, 11 people achieve the title of high-level personnel of Jiangsu Province Six Talent Peaks and 4 people get the title of high-level talents in the Jiangsu Province “333 Project”.

The hospital is equipped with advanced equipments such as Siemens Force CT, Siemens 3.0T Magnetic Resonance, Silent Magnetic Resonance, Color Ultrasound, Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), Direct Digital Radiography (DR), Transcranial Doppler ( TCD), Ultra-fine Electronic Gastroscope, Comprehensive Eye Examination Table, X-ray Absorptiometry, Mammography Camera, Tumor Hyperthermia and so on. It has built modern information network systems such as HIS, LIS, PACS, outpatient clinics, electronic medical records and integrated operation management systems.

We adhere to the strategy of “developing the hospital through science and education”. Our four projects have been supported by National Natural Science Fundation of China. The hospital has carried out 96 national, provincial, municipal and departmental research projects and achieved 1 national invention patent and 13 utility model patents in the past five years. The hospital has won 19 awards for various science and technology, new medical technology introduction and scientific research projects. A total of 593 papers are published, including 100 SCI papers and 16 Chinese medical series papers. The number of books wrote by our emploees is 36.

The journal Practical Geriatrics sponsored by the hospital is listed as the source journal of Chinese scientific papers and the core journal of Chinese science and technology. It has been indexed by the Polish Index Copemicus (IC), the American Chemical Abstracts (CA) and the American Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. It has won the “East China Journal Award” and its academic quality and influence rank among the top in the national geriatric journals.

The hospital attaches importance to education and continuing education. It is geriatric hospital of Nanjing Medical University and the teaching hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Medical School of Nantong University and Nanjing Vocational Health College. In the past five years, 34 continuing education classes have been held, for example 5 national geriatric progressive classes, national progressive classes of elderly chronic heart failure, classes of the stroke and sleep apnea techniques. The hospital is also a training base for diabetes specialist nurses in Jiangsu Province and a clinical practice base for clinical nutrition support in Jiangsu Province.

The hospital has extensive exchanges and international cooperation. We work together with American International Diabetes Center to establish "International Cooperation Center for Diabetes Prevention, Education and Research" and "Jiangsu Cooperation Center of China-US Training for Diabetes Specialist Nurse". We also sign a medical cooperation agreement with the Gulou District Commission of Health and eatablish cooperation relationship with various hospitals and universities such as the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases, Prince of Wales Hospital of Chinese University of Hong Kong, American International Diabetes Center, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and so on. It is the vice-board chair hospital of the National Union of Geriatric Hospital, the chair hospital of Jiangsu Alliance of Geriatric and Aged Care and president hospital of Jiangsu Geriatrics Association.

The branch, with 198 beds, provides outpatient and emergency service and sets up four wards including chronic disease rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, bone and joint (pain) rehabilitation and internal comprehensive treatment. It is characteristic of geriatric medicine and rehabilitation medicine and develops rehabilitation for elders, chronic disease, hemiplegia, paralysis, bone and joint and Alzheimer's cognition. Medical staff go into the care center of Senior Apartment of Jiangsu Province, providing 24 hours nursing and having doctors round regularly. It also provides comprehensive medical and health management services for the elderly in the Senior Apartment of Jiangsu Province and the residents of the surrounding communities.

Nanjing Jiangning Muchunyuan Nursing Home, which is in the full opereation of hospital, is a multi-functional, modern and exemplary old-age care institution that integrates the rehabilitation, medical care, nursing care, palliative care and disabled care support, shaping a service brand featuring the integration of medical and nursing care, geriatric rehabilitation, palliative care, nursing for disability and dementia and chronic disease management. In the first phase, there were 684 open bed which were divided into old-age care, rehabilitation and nursing areas, the bed occupancy rate reaching 83.5%. It was awarded AAAAA level pension agency by Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau, “Jiangsu Province Exemplary Pension Agency” by Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission. It also won “Residents’ favorite top ten pension institutions in Nanjing”. The title of “Jiangsu Province Exemplary Agency of integration of medical and nursing care” was awarded by Jiangsu Commission of Health.

The hospital is exploring new projects of “medical and nursing care”. In the Yang Village, Xumu Community, Hushu Town, Jiangning District, the pension model of “cooperation between urban and rural” was developed, establishing a multi-dimensional pension model along with family host and residential rental as the focus and institutional focus combated pension model as supplement. The nursing home cooperates with Guli Street, Jiangning District to create a rural old-age health cooperation project characteristic of countryside, providing home-based care and medical care services for the elderly, realizing the organic combination of medical and nursing care, and accumulating operation and management experience for building a new model of old-age care demonstration village to attract the urban elderly to spend their late years of life in beautiful rural.

It has established cooperative relationships with 12 nursing homes and care homes in Gulou District and Jianye District, gradually carrying out convenient channel of referrals, regular visits, training and teaching, comprehensive assessment, chronic disease management, technical support for inspection and so on to improve the level of comprehensive care. The hospital also cooperates with Jiangsu Jinnuo Senior Health Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Qianzhong Hospital Management Co., Ltd. to promote the integration of medical and nursing care.

The hospital has won awards for the National Labor Medal, national symbol of respect for the elderly, national Age-friendly Hospital, national model unit for economical public institution, the civilized unit in Jiangsu province, the hospital qualified for patient safety target in Jiangsu province, safe hospital of Jiangsu province, model unit for high quality medical service in Jiangsu province, price credit unit of Jiangsu province, advanced unit of open and democratic management in Jiangsu province, advanced unit of provincial asset management, Nanjing“3•15” (March 15th) public satisfaction unit for people's livelihood and services and so on.

At present, the hospital is building the Health Management Center on No.2 Qihe Road, and promoting new technologies and projects, striving to make breakthrough in emergency treatment, chronic disease rehabilitation and management, physical examination and health management, palliative care and integration of medical and nursing care to meet different-level needs of health care and rehabilitation care.